Frenchie taking a second look

Taking a second look





When Eleanor, my French Bulldog, first came home she was accompanied by:
puppy food
a 16 ounce container of Musher’s Secret

These accoutrements mostly made sense..except the paw cream. I soon learned of its necessity… 

Early on, gentle play on the carpet worked well but as Eleanor ( my French Bulldog)  developed, her fleetness of foot became more and more her defining trait. She had become the running back that no one could tackle. She had to be outside with space to deploy her full gait. It was time to take this game outside. Outside, her Nerf Flyer (eleanor-warrior-and-lover) became her number one toy and consequently her pad paws became one of her major concerns.
A car won’t roll with flat tires and a French Bulldog’s paws are her tires. What we learned the importance of paw care when we saw the effect of our back yard on Eleanor’s “tires”. Enemies of her feet are:


This is puncturevine, “goatheads” weed



  • Puncturevine (“goat heads”) – These are nasty little wood-like thorns that can puncture a bicycle tire and push right through a thin soled sneaker and into your foot. They easily puncture through Eleanor’s pad. Here is a link from Dengarden’s Website discussing one way to deal with these nasty stickers: One way to get rid of puncturevine   
  • Ice– residual ice from melting snow in shaded parts of the yard – even though the snow melts away in a day or two, shady parts of the yard retain ice for many days this time of year. This ice contains frozen dirt, small rocks and of course splinters into small splinters of ice to skid across.
  • Ice melt – I clear the icy areas on walkways around the house with Safe Paw. This ice melt product is for pets to walk over or ingest and is nature friendly. Here is a link to the Safe Paw website: Safe Paw.

My back yard is Eleanor’s China Closet and she loves it. 🙂
Here is a link to her Musher’s Secret: Eleanor’s Paw Cream


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