Eleanor the French Bulldog dreams of being in Hollywood

French Bulldog looking like a movie star
Is Hollywood in my future…?

Oh wait, that’s a doggie “wet wipe” in her mouth…

In this dimly lit and very early pre-coffee occasion, I thought I was looking at the handsome face of actor Sam Elliot. Sam sports quite a prominent mustache and Eleanor was holding her wet wipe in such a unique manner that it bent and curved in just the right places to strongly resemble that sporty ’70’s style mustache. Sac-town Magazine has this article (sactownmag.com/sam-elliott) featuring a great photo of Sam right here:

Actor Sam Elliott

Photographs you may ask!? I wish I could have snapped a photo, but Eleanor does everything quickly. She was in and then out of the room in two seconds. She knew I would come and get that wet wipe from her mouth…so no time for photos for this fast-moving event.

Eleanor the French Bulldog dreams of being in Hollywood
I think I could be an actor in Hollywood

…Does Eleanor have a future in acting…?


  1. French Bulldogs are unique in many ways: After Eleanor goes potty, we wipe her bottom with wet wipes. It wouldn’t stay clean otherwise.


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