Eleanor poised with frisbee
The Flying Disc: Her Favorite Game

Introducing Eleanor the French Bulldog | Warrior and Lover

Our favorite game is Frisbee. Eleanor is a dedicated Frisbee catcher. Focused on every toss, She bears down onto the toy with incredible finesse like the best goalie in hockey stops the puck. It must seem like slow motion from her perspective. Here is a link to the Nerf Frisbee that she loves: http://www.nerfpet.com/product/10-large-tire-flyer-2/?sftproductcat=flyers​

On cold Colorado nights, she keeps me warm, finding her way onto my lap or next to my hip as I play my guitar. There, she falls asleep and recharges her body for her next game.

Eleanor sits on the floor
The Conversationalist

I​t’s true what they say about dogs…

French Bulldogs have endearing habits. My next article will highlight some of these.

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