French Bull Dogs have … gas

French Bulldog heard a familiar sound...
French Bulldog Eleanor discretely releasing gas (…so she thinks it is discrete…)

It’s well known among French bulldog parents that these babies have abundant flatulence. Anatomy – the flat face, the recessed nose, and the rate of meal consumption are worth considering as one of the causes (, 2019 When Eleanor was a younger, I prepared her meal for her in a regular cereal bowl. She inhaled that meal like a ten-gallon shop-vac destroys a thick cobweb. Within seconds, she had consumed her meal. Five minutes later, she vomited the meal.

The "slow-down" bowl is designed to make the dog eat much more slowly. This eases digestion and discourages vomiting up dinner
French Bulldog Eleanor’s slow-down bowl

Eating from her slow-down bowl, Eleanor consumes her meals much more sensibly. From a few seconds with no special feeding apparatus to twelve minutes using her slow-down bowl. While I’ve not reached a definitive conclusion on the positive effect of the bowl, I know she is more comfortable, having consumed her meal more slowly and having a more peaceful opportunity for digestion. hmmmm...

French Bulldog Eleanor reflecting on her busy day
What a day I had today..

Another charming quality of these creatures is their snoring. That will be the topic of my next article

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